Engineering Divisions

About the Division Board

Each Division Board consists of seven members who have been practitioners in the occupation for at least seven years. They are appointed through elections in secret ballots at the Association’s Headquarter and/or the Division Office determined by the Board. The election process shall be carried out in presence of a Board member sent for that purpose to each election center. The Division Board functions as a channel for change through carrying out major duties and key responsibilities with effects on the engineering work regulation and development as well as following up the continuous learning of the fellows. It also plays a role in solving several different issues in relation to the occupation and rights among the members and employers; examining the applications for Association membership and activating the ad-hoc committees on occupation development.

The Division Board shall have the following powers:

  1. To regulate the occupation practice matters in relation to the Division, to follow up the continuous qualifying, to hold engineering seminars, to make practice draft regulations related to the Division and to follow up the implementation thereof in accordance with the Division General Assembly resolutions.
  2. To review the Association membership applications at the engineering departments and branches stated in the Division, and to submit the recommendations of the Division Board with regard thereto to the Association Board.
  3. To examine the matters referred to the Division Board from the Association Board, and to make the recommendations in respect thereof to the Association Board.
  4. To settle every dispute arising between the Division members and to investigate any occupation-related dispute arising between the Division members and employers, and to report to the Association Board with respect thereto.
  5.  To form ad-hoc committees out of the Division members to assist the Division Board.

Division Head Powers and Duties:

  1.  To preside the General Assemblies of the Engineering Divisions.
  2.  To preside and manage the Engineering Division meetings.
  3.  To admit and register the new engineering in the Division.
  4.  To manage and control the engineering occupation practice in the Division.
  5.  To represent the Association in the Division jurisdiction and committees.
  6.  To join the Board in all its activities.

The Division Board shall consist of six engineering divisions