Association Board

The JEA Council consists of:

The Association President

Vice President

Chairman of the Engineering Offices and Companies Authority

A number of members representing the six different divisions

They nominate themselves for the council in accordance with the provisions of the law and the regulations issued thereunder.

The goals and objectives of JEA:

The Law of the Association and its reference regulations define goals and objectives to rely on by the Council of the Association in performing and implementing general policies, in addition to being guided by the decisions and directions of the Association’s general bodies (the General Assembly, the Central Authority, the General Authority for Engineering Divisions, the General Authority for Engineering Offices and Companies, and the General Authority for Branches). The objectives are generally as follows:


Regulating the practice of the profession in order to raise its scientific and professional level and to benefit from it in economic, civilized, and national mobilization.

 Raising the scientific and professional level of engineers and activating and supporting engineering scientific research.

 Defending the interests and dignity of members and preserving the traditions and honor of the profession.

 Contribute to the planning and development of engineering, industrial, and vocational education and training programs, and work to raise the efficiency of workers in the engineering field.

 Contributing to the study of issues of a common nature between Arab and Islamic countries and others, and exchanging information, experience and engineering publications among them.

Ensuring a decent life for engineers and their families in cases of disability, old age, and other urgent cases.

 Work on everything that helps the association achieve its professional goals.

Cooperating and coordinating with the official authorities in the Kingdom, as the Association is an advisory body in its field of specialization.


Members of JEA Council

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Missions and Powers

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