About the Association


The Jordanian Engineers Association was established as a society of engineers in 1948. It obtained a license in 1949. It was the first general assembly for the Association of Engineering Professions in 1958. The Engineer Tawfiq Marar assumed the position of the first president of the Engineers Association at that time. It has two centers in Amman and Jerusalem. The first law of the association was issued in 1972.
The Association has a legal personality that enjoys self-independence and its affairs are managed by a council elected by the General Assembly in accordance with the provisions of the Association Law. The head of the Association of Engineers represents it before the judicial and administrative authorities and before third parties.
The Association issues an annual report that documents its achievements and shows the status of its financial position in financial reports. Each fund of the Association issues its annual report, and the administrative and financial reports are submitted to general bodies for approval.

Vision and Mission



An engineer who works develops and creates in a stimulating and safe environment.


Leading professional engineering work with best practices and leading the Jordanian engineer towards a globally competitive engineering community.


Core Values