Young Engineers Department

The Young Engineers Department aims to coordinate with the Young Engineers Committees in the various engineering divisions in order to achieve the following:

  • Activating communication between the young engineers and the Association.
  • Increasing union awareness of young engineers.
  • Finding solutions to the problems faced by young engineers and raising the level of services provided to them.
  • Upgrading the level of young engineers in the scientific, cultural, social and mathematical aspects.
  • Support creative engineers and activate the role of young engineers in the local community. li>






Guidance leaflet



The department coordinates with the Young Engineers Committees, whose activities are supervised by a distinguished group of young engineers who volunteer in these committees, in service of the young engineers. The category of young engineers is the largest category in the Association, as more than eight thousand male and female engineers join the Association annually, which places the responsibility of these committees to provide everything that is new and distinctive in service to their colleagues

Many activities and initiatives are organized in various fields that serve young engineers, as follows:

  • Free training courses for young engineers (symbolic prices).
  • workshops
  • Courses for engineering students in universities.
  • Participation of young engineers in conferences.
  • Honoring creative persons (the annual creativity forum).
  • Honoring holders of postgraduate degrees.


The Young Engineers Section also educates fellow engineers about the rights and privileges that an engineer obtains and the services provided to him, by providing them with adequate information about these privileges and services, or by answering their inquiries.

The most important things that young engineers are aware of:

  • Participation in the Social Insurance Fund
  • Support for scientific papers
  • Free courses
  • Professional, scientific, social and cultural activities
  • Supporting social and recreational trips
  • Marriage loan (Hassan)
  • Education loan to complete postgraduate studies (interest-free loan)
  • Financing loans
  • Facilities to benefit from loans.
  • Agreements to provide financing services with Islamic banks
  • Loan for productive projects
  • mobile phone lines
  • Initiatives for young engineers


The Young Engineers Department acts as a link between the Association and engineering students in universities, by holding a range of activities for them, such as courses, workshops, and other activities. It also holds introductory meetings about the Association and its services at the university headquarters.

Periodic activities of the Young Engineers Department:

  • Ceremony of the legal oath of the new graduates
  • Ceremony of the high achievers in the Jordanian universities
  • Engineering Creativity Forum
  • my engineering is my option

The Young Engineers Department always strives for excellence in serving engineering, engineers and society, and invites you to be part of this distinction.