Young Engineers Department

The Young Engineer Department aims to coordinate with the young engineers committees in various Engineering Divisions to achieve the following:

 To activate the communication between the young engineers and the Association.

 To raise the young engineers’ awareness of the Association’s role.

 To find solutions of the problems that face the young engineers and to upgrade the level of services provided them.

 To take the young engineers to the next level in terms of scientific, cultural, social and sport aspects.

 To support the creative engineers and activate the young engineers’ role in the local community.

The Department coordinated with the young engineers committees whose activities are supervised by several excellent young engineers working as volunteers for such committees to serve the young engineers. The young engineers constitute the largest segment in the Association, as over eight thousand engineers join the Association every year. This makes it necessary for these committees to provide everything new and special to serve the fellow engineers.

Many activities and initiatives are organized in various fields that serve the young engineers as follows:
  1. Free training courses for young engineers (nominal prices).
  2. Engineering students courses at universities.
  3. Young engineers participation in conferences.
  4. Honoring the creative (annual creativity meeting).
  5. Honoring the high-level degree holders.

In addition, the Young Engineer Department raises the fellow engineers’ awareness through providing them with full information about these benefits and services or by responding to their inquiries.

The top matters of which the young engineers are made aware:
  1. The subscription to the Social Security Fund.
  2. Creating job opportunities for engineers within Jordan and abroad.
  3. Supporting the scientific sheets.
  4. Free courses.
  5. Facilitating the installments of the Engineers Training Centers courses.
  6. Professional, scientific, social and cultural activities.
  7. Supporting the social and entertainment picnics.
  8. Marriage loan (Good loan).
  9. Education loan for high education completion (Good loan).
  10. Financing loans.
  11. Loan facilitations.
  12. Financing services provision agreements with the Islamic banks.
  13. Productive projects loans.
  14. Mobile lines.
  15. Young engineers initiatives.

The Young Engineer Department acts as a focal point linking the Association to the university engineering students through holding a number of activities such as courses, workshops and other activities. The Department also holds gathering to introduce the young engineers to the Association and its services at the campuses.

Young Engineer Department regular events:
  1. Newly graduates oath ceremonies.
  2. Jordan universities top students ceremonies.
  3. Engineering creativity meetings
  4. My Engineering is My Choice.

The Young Engineer Department always aims at providing services to engineering, engineers and society. It invites you to be a part of this excellence.