Engineers Training Center

Our Message

We are creatively carry our message, which constitutes giving and sharing all our thoughts, methodology and vision as much as possible for the sake of a prosperous future of building the trainees’ professional capacity and the corporations in which they work.

The way to do so is to engage them in the high quality training programs so they can always achieve development, success and progress in their works and corporations in order to develop the engineering profession in Jordan and the Arab World.

Our Vision

We are trying to be the best and most reliable Center for serving the engineering and its professionals in Jordan and the Arab World via creative means.

Our Values


Quality & Development

Transparency & Accountability

Fruitful Cooperation

Constant Improvement

Our Objectives

 To develop the engineers’ proficiency through training courses, workshops and seminars in the specialization, information technology and administration.

  To professionally qualify and categorize the engineers and to award them the right certificates on that basis to have them internationally certified.

  To supervise the engineers training in their workplaces in order to ensure they are going to get their appropriate professional qualification.

  To contribute to the transfer of technology and technical development to the engineering sector in Jordan.

  To increase the cooperation and coordination with the public and private corporations in the fields related to engineers constant training and education.

Training Quality

From our perspective, quality means excellence through taking our services to the next level to realize your wishes and perfect satisfaction now and in future. This is based on a comprehensive and integrated quality system well and constantly implemented to improve and develop the performance and to comply with the due provision of our services from the first time and every time so as to be an example of quality and excellence.

Constant training & education programs

  In the Training Center, we try to train the engineers through a wide variety of training courses that would develop the engineering profession to get along with the world development in the light of Jordan needs and the Arab World needs. We carry out this mission in coordination and cooperation with the scientific committees within the Engineering Divisions and the Engineering Office & Company Body in the Association and Association Branches.

 The Center pay special attention to the courses that link the academic knowledge the engineers gain during their study to the reality of the practical profession in the labor market.

  Training programs offered by the Engineers Training Center vary. There are training courses, workshops and seminar specialized in all engineering specialties, administration, computer, finance, law and contracts that would contribute to transferring the technology and technical development of the engineering sector.

  The Engineers Training Center constantly designs and develops all training programs based on the modern international principles and practices in the engineering, administration, information systems, contracts, finance and quality as per the universal requirements and specifications. This depends on top experiences required for the local and regional labor markets in concentration on the work particularity, project nature, environmental requirements, engineers’ abilities, region needs and climate particularity.

Certain criteria of training program design and selection

In designing and selecting training programs and courses, we adopt the comprehensive administrative quality principles as a way to excel and compete. Our criteria contribute to serving and developing the engineering profession. In addition, they help the profession get along with the world development and respond to the requirements of the engineering, industrial and service sectors.

Training staff with high qualifications and experiences

 The selection of trainers is highly based on the practical and training capabilities. The must have high academic qualifications and excellence in the presentation skills, and they must be working in both private and public sectors. They are also required to be specialists. The training staff of the Engineers Training Center consists of 120 approved trainers with professional experiences. They are partners and contributors to the achievement of the goals and policies of the Center in serving the profession and to the success of all courses and farthest benefit possible for the participants.

Training services

Our programs are designed according to your needs and we offer a variety of training programs and courses in accordance with the highest standards aiming at developing the trainee engineers’ abilities. Over 250 training programs have been developed in the following areas:

  Specialized engineering courses: they include the main engineering specialties and their branches and disciplines (civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mining engineering).

 Administration and quality systems courses. 

  Law, contracts and disputes.

 Computer skills and information systems.

 Financial and accounting courses.

 They are designed in both Arabic and English languages, which makes the Center able to meet the various and developing training requirements and to properly make the training service available.

Training methodology

We work through integration and comprehensiveness to ensure the highest level of efficiency in training. Engineers Training Center depends on various training techniques and methodologies including the following:

 Brief lectures.

 Individual and collective exercises.


  Collective discussions.

 Case studies.

 Practical projects.

  Individual action plans for training efficiency assessment.

Training means

      Computer laboratory equipped with very modern devices with excellent operational specifications.

 Developed and air-conditioned halls equipped with audio video projectors.

 Excellent training equipment.

 Engineering scientific library providing the best specialized references.

 Training environment offering comfort and relaxation factors.

Professional certificates

We award participation certificates with the training hours for those who attend the course efficiently and passing certificates attested and issued by the Center, as well as professional certificates joint with the competent Arab and international institutions having credibility relations or agreements with the Center.

Training program assessment

Trainees and training entities carry out a temporary and practical assessment of the training programs elements and components (trainer, training material, training environment, logistic services and others). The Center pays great attention to this assessment and its benefits in consistency with the constant development process of the center services.

We adhere to providing the entity benefiting from our training services with a full report to the work progress in the training programs and the level of the individuals nominated by such entity in accordance with the most accurate assessment and measurement means.

Our clients and partners in success

  Public “Government” Sector consisting of Ministries, Departments and Institutions.

  Engineering sectors consisting of engineering consultancies, contracting and housing.

 Telecommunications and information technology sector.

  Petroleum and gas sector.

  Banks and financial institutions sector.

  Health and education sector.

  Economy and business sector.

  Construction and building sector.

 Food industries sector.

  Chemical industries sector.

  Drug industries sector.

  Cement and fertilizers sector.

  Minerals and engineering industries sector.

 Government and private universities.

Approval and agreements

The Center was approved by several competent entities for training purposes, such as:

 Ministry of Public Works & Housing.

  The only training Center approved by the Federation of Arab Engineers as an Arab Regional Engineering Training Center.

 An agreement with SIEMENS on training in the field of Programmable Logic Controller on S7 Sematic-300 & S7-200, Variable Controllers Speed and System SCADA.

  An agreement with the International Federation of Consulting Engineers in the field of training on contracts, claims and settlements.

  An agreement with the Society of American Value Engineers – SAVE International.

 An agreement with CMCS in the project management field.

  An agreement with PALCO for oracles.

  An agreement with Microsoft.

  An agreement with the Saudi Council of Engineers, Federation of Sudanese Engineers, Engineering Councils in Libya, Lebanon and Qatar.

Through the above specialized courses, the Engineers Training Center contributed to opening numerous horizons and job opportunities for Jordanian engineers both within and outside the Kingdom. This helped improving the engineers’ income.

It is a suitable training environment fulfilling the idea standards of keeping pace with the scientific development and properly serving all engineers. The Center was equipped with the most modern computer devices and the technological supplies necessary for the training process. There is also a constant development in the content of all training materials to get along with the scientific developments and knowledge, which is positively reflected on the scientific outcome and knowledge benefit received by the trainees through the Center.

To go in conformity with the modernity and to create suitable training environment, the Center building was duly rehabilitated. It offers air-conditioned training halls, rest halls and a scientific library where the Engineers Training Center was determined to be a green and environmentally friendly building.