Engineers Training Center

Our Message

Our creative message that we carry on our shoulders, is giving with limits, depending on our thought, style, and vision for a prosperous future. We are seeking to build the professional capacity of the trainees and the institutions in which they work by involving them in high-quality training programs in order to achieve development

success and progress in their work and institutions. This intends to develop the engineering profession in Jordan and the Arab world.

Our Vision

We strive to be the best and most reliable training center to serve engineering and its employees in Jordan and the Arab world with creative means.

Our Values


Quality & Development

Transparency & Accountability

Fruitful Cooperation

Continuous improvement

Our goals

 Developing the professional competence of engineers through training courses, workshops, and seminars in the specialized, informatics and administrative fields..

  Qualifying and classifying engineers professionally and granting them appropriate certificates based on that for international accreditation.

  Supervising the training of engineers at their workplaces to ensure that they obtain the appropriate professional qualifications.

  Contribute to technology transfer and technical development of the engineering sector in Jordan.

  Increasing cooperation and coordination with public and private institutions in areas related to training and continuing education for engineers.

Training Quality

Quality in our perspective means excellence by upgrading the level of our services to achieve your desires and complete satisfaction, present and future, through a comprehensive and integrated quality system that is implemented elaborately, systematically and continuously to improve and develop performance and commitment. This is to provide our services correctly from the first time and every time to be a role model in quality and excellence.

Training and continuous education programs

  We seek in the training center to qualify engineers through a wide group of training courses that develop the engineering profession to cope with global development in the light of the special needs of Jordan and the Arab region, in coordination and cooperation with the scientific committees in the engineering divisions and the engineering offices and companies in the association and the branches of the association.

 The Center pays special attention to the courses that link the academic information that the engineer obtained during his studies with the reality of professional application in the labor market.

 The training programs offered by the Engineers Training Center vary, including training courses and workshops, in addition to specialized seminars in all areas of engineering, management, computer and finance, in addition to the field of law and contracts, which would contribute to the transfer of technology and technical development of the engineering sector.

  The Engineers Training Center designs and develops all training programs on an ongoing basis based on the latest international principles and practices in the fields of engineering, management, information systems, contracts, finance and quality. This is done according to international requirements and specifications and relying on the high expertise required for the local and regional labor market, focusing on the specificity of work and the nature and requirements of projects environment, the capabilities of engineers, the needs of the region, and the specificity of the climate.

Special standards in the design and selection of training programs

We have taken the principles of comprehensive administrative quality as a principal concept for excellence and competition, based on the design and selection of programs and training courses so as to contribute to the service and development of the engineering profession, in addition to keeping pace with global development and responding to the requirements of the engineering, industrial and service sectors.

A highly qualified and experienced training staff

 The focus is on selecting trainers who have practical and training capabilities and those with higher academic qualifications and excellence in presentation skills and workers in the private and public sectors and specialists, as the training staff in the Engineers Training Center exceeds more than 120 certified trainers with professional expertise as partners and contributors to achieving goals and policies. The center is in the profession's service, the success of all courses, and the maximum benefit for the participants.

Training services

Our programs are designed according to your needs, and we provide a range of different programs and training courses according to the highest standards that seek to develop the capabilities of trainee engineers with different specializations, as more than (250) training programs have been developed in the following areas:

  Specialized engineering courses: These include the main engineering disciplines and their branches and fields (civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mines and mining engineering).

  Courses in management and quality control systems. 

 Law, contracts and disputes.

 Computer skills and information systems.

 Financial and accounting courses.

 It was designed in both Arabic and English, which makes the center able to respond to the diverse and growing training requirements and provide training services in an appropriate manner.

Training methodology

We work through the approach of integration and comprehensiveness to ensure maximum effectiveness in training. The Engineers Training Center relies on different training methods and methodologies that include the following:

 Brief lectures.

 Individual and group exercises


 Group discussions

 Case studies.

 Practical projects.

  Individual action plans in order to evaluate the effectiveness of training

Training tools

      Computer laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and distinctive operational specifications.

 Advanced, air-conditioned halls equipped with audio-visual equipment and advanced display screens.

 Distinctive training aids.

 A scientific engineering library that provides the best-specialized references.

 A training environment that provides comfort and luxury factors.

Professional certifications

We grant certificates of participation with the number of training hours for those who attend the course effectively, certificates of passing approved and issued by the center, in addition to joint professional certificates with the competent Arab and international institutions and bodies that have accreditation relations or joint agreements with the center.

Evaluation of training programs

The trainees and the training agencies conduct a primary and scientific evaluation of the elements of the training program (the trainer, the training material, the training environment, the logistics services, etc.). The center pays great attention to this assessment and maximizes benefit from it in line with the process of continuous development of the center's services.

We are committed to submitting an adequate report to the beneficiary of our training services on the progress of work in the training programs and the level of their candidates, according to the most accurate means of evaluation and measurement.

Our clients and partners in success

  The “government” public sector, including ministries, departments and institutions.

 Engineering sectors, engineering consultancy, contracting and housing.

 Communications and information technology sector.

  Oil and gas sectors.

 Banking and financial institutions sector.

  Health and education sector.

  Economy and business sector.

  Construction and building sector.

 Food industries sector.

  Chemical industries sector.

  Pharmaceutical industries sector.

  Cement and fertilizer sector.

 Sectors of metallurgical and engineering industries.

 Public and private universities.

Accreditation and agreements

The center has been accredited for training purposes by several competent authorities, most notably:

 The Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

 The only training center accredited by the Union of Arab Engineers as an Arab regional engineering training center

 • An agreement with the German company SIEMENS for training in the field of programmable logic control on S7 Sematic-300 & S7-200 units, speed control systems for induction motors, Variable Controllers Speed, and control systems, monitoring and central control, System SCADA.

  An agreement with the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) in the field of training on contracts, claims, and settlements.

  Agreement with the American Society of Value Engineers International Save.

 An agreement with CMCS in the areas of project management.

  An agreement with Palco to organize Oracle programs.

  An agreement with Microsoft.

  An agreement with each of the Saudi Council of Engineers, the Federation of Sudanese Engineers, and engineering bodies in Libya, Lebanon, and Qatar.

Therefore, through these specialized courses, the Engineers Training Center has contributed to opening many new horizons and job opportunities for the Jordanian engineer, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, thus contributing to improving the financial income of the engineer. A decent training environment within exemplary standards to keep pace with scientific development and serve all engineers in an appropriate manner. The center has been reinforced with the latest computers and modern technological supplies necessary for the training process, in addition to the permanent development of the content of all training materials to keep pace with the latest science knowledge, which reflects .

positively on academic achievement. And the cognitive benefit that the trainee receives through the center.

In line with modernity and to provide a decent training environment, the center building has been rehabilitated in a typical manner. It provides air-conditioned training halls, restrooms and a scientific library, where it was taken into account that the headquarters of the Engineers Training Center be made of environmentally friendly green buildings.

Terms and conditions of the training center.

  • The registrant in the course has the right to withdraw from the course 3 working days before the date of the session, and an amount of (20) dinars will be deducted from the amount paid (the participation fee in the course).
  • The participant will be refunded 50% of the course registration fee in the following cases: If he withdraws two working days before the date of the session.
  • If he withdraws after the end of the first lecture in the course only. If the participant withdraws after the start of the second lecture, no money will be refunded. The participant deserves the center certificate for the course only if he attends 80% of the course hours as a minimum. See our newsletter, here Center plans Center courses Center branches