About the Companies and Engineering Offices Authority

About the Authority

The engineering consultation services sector experienced a steady economic growth in the beginning of 1980s as an extension of the economic boom following 1973 War. This led to a noticeable increase in the number of engineering consultation offices and the number of their workers. It generated a need for creating an entity that helps the Association Board and take on the occupation practice regulation in the consultation sector. The Offices & Engineering Companies Regulation was actually amended and the Offices & Engineering Companies Authority was formed under that amendment. The first Board of the Authority was elected in 1989, and the Authority members include the offices and engineering companies registered with the Association, given that they were 1252 offices and engineering companies in the end of 2015 and they are from various categories and ranks.

Engineering offices four categories

Engineering Office Category, which consists of two ranks(A&B)

Engineering Office Category

Consultation Office Category

Expert Office Category

The Association is run by a Board consisting of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and eight members representing various categories of offices, as each one of the office categories is represented by a number of members within the Authority Board.

The Authority Board often holds two meetings a week one of which is dedicated for viewing the complaints and other miscellaneous requests, and the other is dedicated for the policies and technical instructions.

Authority election strategy

The Authority Board is elected once every three years by a general assembly consisting of the offices and engineering companies owners. Every office shall have a number of votes equal to the number specializations of which it is registered with the Association.

The Authority’s missions and powers

 To supervise the offices and engineering companies, and to follow up their affairs before the Association.

 To regulate the engineering consultation work, and to upgrade and develop that work.

  To study the offices and engineering companies registration applications, categorization and modification.

 To register the specialization heads, certified individuals and the engineers working for the offices and engineering companies.

 To follow up the offices and engineering companies practice of the engineering consultation work; to follow up their compliance with the applicable Law, Regulations and Instructions; and to review any violation of those legislations.

 To suggest any draft amendment to the provisions of this Regulation and to present the same to the General Assembly.

 To study the minimum remunerations of the offices and engineering companies in relation to the engineering consultation work and make a recommendation thereof to the Board.

 To form a committee(s) to assist the Authority Board in its works.

 To appoint the Authority representative in the committees formed at the Association to approve the minimum technical requirements necessary to be fulfilled in the engineering schemes.

 To appoint the Offices & Engineering Companies Authority representatives in any of the ad-hoc committees on the engineering consultation work at the Association or before the Arab or International Engineering Consultation Offices & Corporations Commission.

 To hold seminars, conferences, training courses and galleries and issue publications concerning the engineering consultation work.

 To create work opportunities for the offices and engineering companies at the national, Arab and international levels.

  To promote the cooperation and exchange the experiences among the Jordanian and non-Jordanian offices and engineering companies.

 To work on making the consultation work of the Jordanian offices and engineering companies a priority.

 To regulate the contractual relationship of the offices and engineering companies with the employers, and to prepare the engineering services contracts necessary for that.

 To review any technical disputes and professional conflicts arising between the offices and engineering companies on one hand, and the employers on the other hand as referred to it by the Board, including the determination of the remunerations and their distributions to the offices and engineering companies, and to make the recommendations in respect thereof to the Board.

 To make recommendations to the Board to invest the funds of the Offices and Engineering Companies Authority account in accordance with the Regulations, Instructions and financial principles adopted by the Association.

 To make recommendations to the Board to make the technical instructions and amendments thereto.

 To review any suggestion made by a General Assembly member.

 Any other missions assigned to it by the Board.

Authority committees

The Association Board shall be entitled to form a committee(s) to assist it in its works, and the most significant committees include:

Information Committee

Technical Instructions Committee

Social & Cultural Committee

Scientific Committee

Occupation Practice Committee

Income and Sales Tax Committee

Greater Amman Municipality & Municipalities Committee

Civil Defense Committee

Green Building Committee

Female Engineers Committee