Investment & Real Estate Department


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The land purchase process began in 1992 with four projects through pension fund investments; In order to achieve a goal (a piece of land for each colleague).

The Association Council, in coordination with the Fund Management Committee and the Lands Committee, was keen to continuously search for sites suitable for the establishment of housing projects for members of the association in the various governorates of the Kingdom. Given the great boom in the real estate market in the past 6 years and the increase in the process of purchasing lands in the Association to serve colleagues; the Real Estate Department was established in 2002 to provide all real estate facilities and services, and to secure plots of land in distinct locations, at affordable prices, taking into account the various income segments in the engineering community.

As a result of the high price of lands and the difficulty of the procedures and requirements for developing and separating lands, thinking began to establish residential apartment projects that suit all segments of engineers.

Duties and responsibilities of the department

  1. Purchasing and registering lands in distinct and suitable locations for colleagues.
  2. Offering land and housing projects for sale to colleagues.
  3. Organizing, planning, and issuing housing land projects through issuing various bids to the competent engineering and surveying offices.
  4. Executing the infrastructure for land projects (roads, water, electricity, etc.) by issuing bids to specialized contracting companies.
  5. Follow-up with the various government departments concerned (Ministry of Municipalities, Greater Amman Municipality, Land Department, Housing Corporation…..etc) to complete the final sorting of projects and issue registration deeds of title.
  6. Executive Secretariat of the land and housing committees.
  7. A visual presentation of the minutes of the Land and Housing Committees to the Retirement Fund Management Committee.
  8. Distribution of land projects to colleagues by lot.
  9. Archiving and organizing information on land projects and providing colleagues with information about projects in progress and projects under planning, organization, and implementation.
  10. External waivers.
  11. Internal waivers.
  12. Appraisal and evaluation of plots of land.
  13. Mortgage and release of mortgage.
  14. Following up on the maintenance and modernization of the Association's various buildings.