Civil Engineering Division

Departments of the Civil Engineering Division:

Department of Transportation Engineering
Road design and construction
Traffic engineering and transport systems
Ports and water crossings engineering
Airport engineering
Railway engineering
Transport Economics Engineering
Meteorological engineering
Structural Engineering Department
Structural design of buildings
Bridge engineering
Structural engineering for high  buildings
Port facilities design
Evaluation and rehabilitation of existing buildings and facilities
Soil engineering
Building construction engineering
Engineering project management
Planning and scheduling engineering projects
Contract management for engineering projects
Public safety and occupational health for engineering projects
Calculating quantities and estimating costs in engineering projects


Water And Environment Engineering
Water Resources Engineering and Hydrology
Design of water and sewage systems
Environment  Engineering
Materials engineering
Construction materials technology engineering
Quality control for construction projects
Geotechnical engineering
Geotechnical design and reinforcement of excavations
Site survey and soil investigations
Soil improvement
Survey engineering
Plane and geodetic land surveying
Aerospace and space

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