The Jordanian Engineers Association tried to achieve a number of goals, objectives and policies aiming at developing and reforming the present and future of the engineering occupation in Jordan. It tried to do so through its Board, which tried hard to establish future visions and action plans for the coming time involving a sound reformation and directive that take the occupation to the next level and bring it back to track of education and occupation. This is supported by the cooperation with all entities concerned in the engineering as an occupation through the continuity of the coordination reinforcement by those entities, especially in relation to matching the need to staffs for various engineering companies and corporations and their presence on the ground. This should fulfill the need and demands of the labor market and help achieving the ultimate goal of contribution of all entities to the comprehensive reformation and sustainable development process. Another goal is to provide the nation with occupationally, educationally and technically qualified and trained staffs.

Jordanian Engineers Association started the engineers training program a long time ago. The Association is convinced in the importance of fulfilling the needs of individuals and bodies concerned in the engineering and qualifying the engineers who join the work in the engineering sector for the first time following their graduation so they can carry out their jobs and easily get involved in the engineering different regulation applicable in Jordan. On the other hand, it is convinced in the training role in minimizing the unemployment issue among the engineers. Furthermore, the necessary skills and knowledge should be shared due to the modern sciences development, which requires technological methods and applications to be used.

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