Central Body Missions & Powers

 To make a recommendation to the General Assembly with respect to the draft laws and regulations of the Association and amendments thereto.

 To make the Association general policy of the next year.

 To discuss the annual report submitted by the Board of its operations during the ended year, provided that it includes the disciplines and Offices Authority reports and the Association branches reports.

 To approve the concluding account of the ended financial year after viewing the auditor’s report.

 To approve the draft budget of the next year.

 To appoint an auditor of the next year.

 To discuss any other subjects stated in the invitation to the meeting.

 To make resolutions regarding any of the subjects suggested by the Association members as submitted to the Board in writing at least seven days before the meeting. If the suggestion is in relation to the amendment to the Association Law or the Regulations made by virtue thereof, the Central Body shall refer it to the Board to be studied and presented thereto in an extraordinary meeting held for this purpose. To list a suggestion pertinent to the amendment to the Law or Regulations in the Central Body’s agenda, the consent of the vast majority of the attendants is required.

Central Body Members