Strategic Objectives

Technical development for different engineering sectors
Approve the qualification and accreditation system from the legislative bureau
Increase the percentage of the applicants to the qualification and accreditation professional
Increase the contribution of electronic (training / learning) in the training system
Development of the performance of the training center systems and its branches (procedures, personnel, technology)
Create national engineering standard manuals
Independence of engineering practice structure from association working structure
Development and publish a professional, modern code of ethics
Directing the training and qualifications programs according to the needs of the markets
Sharing the professional focusing on the engineering sectors according to its volume in the market
Increase the percentage of the participation in the elections
Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the elected committees (association board, divisions' board, central commission, commission offices board, branches boards, liaisons, branches committees)
Development of the support administrative structure of the associations committees work to insure its efficiency
Marketing and employment the competencies and export the engineering services
Hold agreements, joint ventures and funds with international institutions
Increased participation in the activities of international engineering commissions
Encouraging engineers to integrate into entrepreneurship and innovation projects
Create an integrated system to deal with the issues of the engineers
Reviewing and upgrading of all legislation
Creating a market driven in order to have a clear vision to (national , international , traditional )markets and for the demanding engineering services
Building an updated and accurate automated information data platform for stakeholders ( engineers, partners ,committees, Arabian and international engineering institution ; ..)
Promote decentralization in association boards' duties by delegation and authority transfer to different association councils
Restructure the engineering divisions and sub specialties and conduct the necessary studies
Expanding the applying of the engineering salaries scale over a new sectors (factories, telecommunications companies, governmental institutions)
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of voluntary commissions (volunteers, young engineers, female engineers …)
Improve the level of relations with the partners and stakeholders (private sector, public sector, semi-government institutions, unions and engineering societies…)
Driving forward harmonizing the educational system output with the needs of the targeted markets
Empowering the central commission in its supervisory role over elected councils
Qualitative improvement and quantitative control of association activities
Sustain the financial balance in pension and retirement fund
Enhancement the social insurance funds system
Maintaining a balance between the services provided and revenues in the health insurance fund
Expand the financial resources from the different income resources
Achieve percentages of return on investment for the pension fund according to actuarial studies
Controlling the operational expenses for all the association funds
Improve the efficiency of the financial collection
Increase the presence of investment competences in the investment committees and the boards of directors of subsidiaries and affiliates companies
Moving forward electronic association
Create an integrated system for bench marking to meet the priorities of the Strategic Plan
Developing organizational structure consistent with applying the strategic plan
Creation and adoption of an integrated global excellence model (leadership, people, processes, etc.) for the center and branches
Qualifying employees for specialized and leadership positions
Increase the satisfaction percentage for different services
Institutionalize the strategic planning for both executive and associated bodies
Building and activating a governance system
Institutional Development Perspective
Development of the care, motivation and training systems for the employees
Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the supporting departments (administrative services, Information Technologies, financial, human resource, marketing and public relationships )
Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the control system
Enhancement the mental image of the Jordan Engineers Association
Development the media system of Jordan Engineers Association
Improve the efficiency of the marketing(planning, customer satisfaction, costs, quality of service)
Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the social responsibility system
Raise awareness of national and nation issues and promote the values of belonging to the country

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