Investment & Real Estate Department

About the Department

The land acquisition process started in 1992 with four projects through the Pension Fund investments in order to achieve the One Land Plot per Fellow Engineer goal.

In coordination with the Fund Management Committee and Land Committee, the Association Council insisted to keep looking for the locations suitable for establishing housing projects for the Association members all over the Kingdom. Due to the booming in the real estate industry over the past six years and the increase in the land purchase process at the Association for the purpose of serving the fellow engineers, the Real Estate Department was established in 2002. It aims at providing all the real estate facilitations and services, as well as plots of lands at preferred sites and affordable prices for all, taking into considerations the differences in income within the engineers community.

As a result of the rise in the land prices and the difficulties in procedures and requirements of land parceling and development, it was necessary to start thinking of apartment building projects suitable for all segments of engineers.

Duties and responsibilities undertaken by the Department

  1. To buy and register plots of lands at preferred sites and suitable for the fellow engineers.
  2. To offer lands and apartment building projects for sale to the fellow engineers.
  3. To regulate, plane and parcel the lands of housing projects through invitation for tenders offered to engineering offices and competent survey offices.
  4. To build the infrastructure of land projects (roads, water, electricity… etc.) through invitation for tenders offered to competent contracting companies.
  5. To follow up with various and relevant government departments (Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Greater Amman Municipality, Land & Survey Department, Housing Foundation… etc.) in order to carry out the final parceling of the projects and to obtain the registration deeds.
  6. Executive secretary of the land and housing committees.
  7. A visual offer of land and housing committees to the Pension Fund Management Committee.
  8. To distribute to the land projects to fellow engineers by lot.
  9. To archive and organize the land project information and provide fellow engineers with information about the offered projects and the other projects under planning, organization and implementation.
  10. External title transfer.
  11. Internal title transfer.
  12. Evaluation and assessment of plots of lands.
  13. Mortgage and redemption.
  14. To follow up the maintenance and upgrade the Association various buildings.

Real Estate Department Sections

Section duties

To archive the letters and correspondences.

To review and supervise the real estate records and the beneficiaries from the housing projects.

To save the fellow engineers’ names and the modifications made to the records.

To evaluate the plots of lands in the projects.

To draw a lot to choose the beneficiaries from projects and to supervise such lot.

To plan the housing projects.

To obtain the regulatory consents to the housing projects from the public entities.

To sort the housing project into housing, commercial, service and roads plots.

To obtain registration deeds for each plot of the project.

To review the registration deeds with our real estate records; and to approve the permanent number, area and price as per the registration deed.

The Housing Committee supervises the works of Records & Organization Section in planning, regulation and sorting. The Head of Records Section represents the Housing Committee Secretary.

Section objectives

To maintain the engineers’ title accuracy in the real estate records and the secrecy of such records.

To plan and regulate the housing projects to serve our fellow engineers and their families.

To achieve justice and transparency in the distribution of plots of lands to the beneficiary engineers.

To maintain the Association properties and investments.

Section achievements

  • The Real Estate & Investment Department draws a lot for four special projects during 2016.

Real Estate & Investment Department has drawn a lot for four special projects, and the first one is Al Dhahabia Project, which belongs to South Amman Lands, as the number of drawn plots was 149 and the number of beneficiary engineers was 149 as well.

From the south of the Capital City of Amman to the north of the Kingdom, the Department has drawn a lot for the remaining plots of Sof Project / Jerash Governorate, as the number of drawn plots was 74 and the number of beneficiary engineers was 20.

Back to Amman, the Department has drawn a lot for the remaining plots of Western Al Dhahabia Project 2, and the number of drawn plots was 64 and the number of beneficiaries was 43.

In Mafraq, the lot has been drawn for Hamaet Al Omoush Project and 150 plots were offered.

Electricity supply to Onaiba 2 Project

Section duties

The Real Estate Section receives the real estate sale offers from owners and brokers, whether they are plots of lands or commercial complexes. The Section, in turn, offers them to the Lands Committee and then makes a recommendation with respect to each offer.

The Real Estate Section makes the procedures of purchasing the lands recommended by the Committee and as approved by the Council. The procedures begin with obtaining the consent of the Prime Ministry and the consent of the Higher Regulatory Council at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, and they end with the registration procedures at the Land & Survey Department.

After the project lands are purchased, the Section arranges a visit for the engineers so they are introduced to the nature of the project land and its surrounding area in order to help the fellow engineer to make the decision of registration in the project.

On the other hand, the Section is responsible for counting and estimating the lands owned by the Association in the end of each year and to issue the real estate portfolio of the Pension Fund to present it in the annual report.

The Lands Committee supervises Real Estate Section operations and real estate information, and the Head of Real Estate Section represents the Housing Committee Secretary.

Section objectives

  • To inject the necessary cash to pay the pensions through purchasing and investing real estates.
  • To provide around 400 fellow engineers with a plot of land in the acquired projects.
  • To provide the other Departments with information about the land locations and other services related to the Association projects.
  • To estimate the market values of the Association’s plots of lands to make the plans for making cash available for the coming years.
  • To serve the fellow engineers with evaluating the lands for financing.
  • To serve the fellow engineers with redemption and the mortgage related to financing.

Sections achievements

  • The Investment & Real Estate Department offers three special projects in 2016.

Through the Department, the Real Estate Section has offered three special projects since the beginning of 2016. The first one of those projects was Al Zaitouneh 6 Project in Al Dafaineh Block, which is located behind Al Andalusieh Project on the Road to Madaba Governorate. The average area of each portion in the project is 750 square meters for JOD 45000. 76 fellow engineers were registered in the project.

The Real Estate Section has also offered, through the Department, the second project in the area of Al Jubeil / Husban, which belongs to Na’ur lands in front of the German Jordanian University on the road to West Madaba. The average area of each portion in the project is 750 square meters for JOD 52500. 56 fellow engineers were registered in the project.

The third project was in Umm Rummanah Village, Abu Baben Block, which belongs to South Amman lands, and it is about 2.5 km away from Al Andalusieh Project and Madaba Highway. The average area of each portion in the project is 750 square meters for JOD 40000. 148 fellow engineers were registered in the project.

  • The value of the lands purchased until 2016 is estimated to be JD 13 million.

Section duties

  • The Projects Section follows up the design works, implementation and supervision of buildings and infrastructures of the Jordanian Engineers Association. It contributes to the preparation of the tenders documents, financial claims revisions and making recommendations for disbursement thereof. In addition, it holds the periodical meetings with all parties (contractor, consultant) in order to ensure keeping the work progress at the site.
  • The Section also refers to the public entities relevant to the Association projects implementation such as Miyahuna, various Municipalities, Agriculture, Antiquities, Jordan Valley Authority… etc.) in order to ensure the progress of the Association projects.

Section objectives

  • To ensure the projects implementation in order to reach the required quality.
  • To ensure the projects implementation within the period determined for tenders and within the set cost.
  • To ensure the work progress in the projects as per the work progress plan made for this purpose.
  • To ensure the continual communication between the relevant entities (supervisors, contractor, owner’s representative).
  • To obtain the consents from the external relevant entities in order to keep the work going on.

Projects Section quarterly achievements

  • The infrastructure works of the Association City have finished and the new Association Complex designs are being prepared by the designing office.
  • The infrastructure implementation works of West Al Dahabiyah 2 Project have finished.
  • The Kreik – Madaba Project infrastructure and Al Jeld – Gour Al Ramah Project tenders were offered, and the contractor has commenced the implementation.
  • Al Husun – Abu Assos Project and Al Tunaib – West Railroad Project (3+4+5) infrastructure design has been commenced. Projects previously offered in South Amman, Jalloul 2, Jalloul 3 and Huwarah, are under construction.
  • Al Tunaib – East Railroad Project infrastructure implementation tender is under construction with 30% completion so far.
  • Bani Kinanah Office (structure) implementation works have finished, and the finishing operations tender is going to be available.
  • Ma’an new branch building design works have finished.
  • The Association new building / Tafeleh Branch is under upgrade and habilitation construction works.
  • Balqa’ Branch office maintenance and Ghadaf Commercial Complex maintenance works have finished.
  • The rehabilitation works of the Commercial Complex – Tafeleh Branc have been commenced.
  • Hangers – Industrial City tender design works are going on.
  • The building projects are 16 and their value is JD 1631307.
  • The infrastructure projects are 14 and their value is JD 3743537.
  • The total value of the projects is JD 5374844.

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