Admission And Registration

Admission and Registration

The Engineers Association seeks to achieve a number of goals to improve the occupation scientific and professional level and to contribute to planning and developing its ability to take in the high number of new members. It also aims at having a future vision of the occupation and its different specializations through studying the labor market and its demands in coordination with the relevant entities, as the Association acts as a consultative body in its work field.

  • To register the new engineers, whether they are Jordanian, Arab or foreign.
  • To issue engineers’ ID cards (a replacement for lost ones).
  • To issue membership certificates (a replacement for lost ones).
  • To modify an engineer’s nationality in the Association registries.
  • To modify an engineer’s date of birth in the Association registries.
  • To modify an engineer’s name in the Association registries.
  • To modify an engineer’s date of graduation in the Association registries.
  • To directly respond to the engineers and visitors inquiries through phone calls and e-mails.
  • To respond to high school students willing to study engineering and specializations in demand.
  • To correspond the national, Arab and foreign universities to get a confirmation of the graduation of their engineering students.
  • To follow up the requests referred by the consultative committees, the equivalence committees and legal unit.
  • To check with the branch boards and external liaison committees for the new members.
  • To check with Jerusalem Center for the new membership applications.
  • To check with the AMIDEAST for the US universities graduates.
  • To check and coordinate with the Ministry of Higher Education and national universities.
  • To authenticate the (true) copies of the membership certificates for new members.
  • To prepare the oath ceremony and prepare the congratulation certificates.
  • To make the statistics of the number of engineers registered in the Association as per the requesting entity.
  • To update the engineers’ details.
  • To receive specialization change / transfer from a division to another transactions.
  • To receive a qualification addition transaction.
  • To archive the engineers’ files and miscellaneous documents.
  • To supervise the engineers’ files and to receive and deliver files upon request.
  • To follow up the receipt and transmission of oath faxes.

Documents required when applying for membership 

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