Our Association

Our Association

The Engineers Association was established as a society for engineers in 1948, and it obtained the license in 1949. The first General Assembly of the Engineering Professionals Association was established in 1958. Eng. Tawfiq Marrar became then the first Engineers Association President, and it had two centers in Amman and Jerusalem and the first law of the Association was enacted in 1972.

The Association has an independent legal personality run by a Board elected by the General Assembly in accordance with the provisions of the Association Law, and the Association President represent it before the courts, administrative entities and other departments.

The Association makes an annual report stating its achievements and clarifying its financial position in financial reports. Every Fund of the Association also makes its respective annual report, and the administrative and financial reports are presented to the General Assemblies for approval.

Association Structure:

The Association consists of 22 branches spread all over the Kingdom with 11 of which are Governorate Branch Boards in addition to 11 subcommittees belonging to them. The Association communicates with engineers abroad through 20 active liaison committees distributed to Arab and foreign countries.

The Association Body consists of:

  • General Assembly.
  • Central Body.
  • Association Board.
  • Engineering Disciplines General Assemblies.
  • Engineering Disciplines Boards.
  • Governorates Branches General Assemblies.
  • Governorates Branches Boards.
  • Offices and Engineering Companies General Assembly.
  • Offices Authority Board.
  • Engineering Communities Committees – 10 Committees.
  • Association Liaison Committees Abroad – 20 Committees.

Central Body Members

  • Association Board.
  • Engineering Discipline Boards.
  • Governorate Branches Boards and any committees elected belonging to them, with every committee represented by its head and another member selected by the committee.
  • Offices and Engineering Companies Authority Board.
  • No less than five members and no more than 20 members per discipline of the engineering disciplines and the Offices Authority to be elected by the General Assembly of each of them in accordance with the provisions of this Law and the Regulations made by virtue hereof.
  • No less than five members and no more than 20 members per Governorate Branch elected by the General Assembly of the governorate Branch in accordance with the provisions of this Law and the Regulations made by virtue hereof.

Central Body Missions & Powers

  • To make a recommendation to the General Assembly with respect to the draft laws and regulations of the Association and amendments thereto.
  • To make the Association general policy of the next year.
  • To discuss the annual report submitted by the Board of its operations during the ended year, provided that it includes the disciplines and Offices Authority reports and the Association branches reports.
  • To approve the concluding account of the ended financial year after viewing the auditor’s report.
  • To approve the draft budget of the next year.
  • To appoint an auditor of the next year.
  • To discuss any other subjects stated in the invitation to the meeting.
  • To make resolutions regarding any of the subjects suggested by the Association members as submitted to the Board in writing at least seven days before the meeting. If the suggestion is in relation to the amendment to the Association Law or the Regulations made by virtue thereof, the Central Body shall refer it to the Board to be studied and presented thereto in an extraordinary meeting held for this purpose. To list a suggestion pertinent to the amendment to the Law or Regulations in the Central Body’s agenda, the consent of the vast majority of the attendants is required.

Association members 

The Association members until the first half of 2017 are around 142.000 engineers.

Association’s role  in serving the youth engineers

Due to the continual increase in the number of young members of the Association, as more than 9.000 engineers join every year, the Association founded a special administrative section named “Young Engineers Section” for the purpose of more concentration on serving the young engineers. Through this Section, the Association supported the small and leading projects, and it continued to promote the creativity and excellence of the Jordanian engineers. It also approved more facilitation for the services provided to the young engineers.

 Association’s role in training the engineers

The Engineers Association made training programs for the engineers and entered into cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding with several entities with the Kingdom and abroad. In 2016, the Association could train 3275 engineers in total through various training programs, and it created 3784 job opportunities for the fellow engineers within Jordan and abroad.

At the scientific level, the Engineers Association holds scientific conferences and workshops specialized in all fields, and it also holds scientific days in which many Jordanian, Arab and foreign researchers participate to discuss different subjects that interest the engineers, Profession and the Nation.

 Association’s role in qualifying and certifying the professionals

In the field of qualifying and training the engineers, the Association launched the professional qualifying and certification system. The efforts are still going on to introduce the professional qualifying and certification system and to urge the fellow engineers to get involved in its programs to obtain the professional degrees. During 2016, more than 175 engineers obtained different professional degrees, and the Association is making great efforts in training the engineers through a specialized training center and well-prepared training programs.

 Types of financial facilitation offered by the Association

The Association offers financing services and facilitations to its members such lands, apartments, construction materials, cars, furniture, electric appliances, productive projects, travel and tourism benefit, pilgrimage and Omrah benefit, education and training benefit, treatment benefit and garment benefit.

It also provides Islamic loans for marriage and education, and it provides aids to the fellow engineers and their families who go through difficult circumstances.

How did the Association facilitate the process of communication with the engineer within Jordan and abroad?

As the number of engineers grows and their existence zone within the Nation and abroad keeps extending, the Association must develop the contact and communication means with them and their locations. Therefore, the Association developed its media means and got along with the progress in the communication world, for the sake of reaching the engineers and provide them with the Association services, it used the available communication channels mechanism and started producing the engineering professional and scientific media and information content in high proficiency that would develop the Jordanian engineers (means to be mentioned).

Association social responsibility

Through the Social Responsibility Fund with its leading thought and work, the Association implemented several projects to serve the local community in cooperation with the national charities such as the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization, Charity Clothing Bank, Tkiyet Um Ali, Charity Campaign and other institutions. It implemented poor people’s houses restoration and rehabilitation projects, and it restored and rehabilitated lounges of public institutions and municipalities, as well as poor pupils’ school bags campaigns. The Association restored schools and built public parks, and it rehabilitated classrooms at the engineering faculties.

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