President Message

Since Jordan Engineers Association, its elected Boards are held as a priceless jewel for the association. They have been building the Association’s milestones with the hands of proficient engineers and a creative, powerful and initiating Association capable of providing the best to the engineering sector, the engineers and the nation itself.

The Engineers Association is still going on in its methodological journey with stable principles and steps. Its halls are full of scientific, professional and cultural pulses and rhythms. Its work mechanisms and techniques are developing whether in the engineering training field or the engineers certification and qualifying, occupation practice regulation, Association performance improvement and quality concepts to reinforce the decentralization principle in the Association and develop its regulations, laws and communication means with the fellow engineers so it remains in pace with every progress and achievement.

In order to realize more affinity with the fellow engineers at all their locations, and to provide comprehensive electronic services to save time and effort and to summarize the image, we launched our new website to be a comprehensive electronic portal reflecting the Association identity, development and progress at all levels. The portal forms a headline of another stage of the development of services provided to the fellow engineers.

I will always be proud of this great national milestone and of every single fellow who works faithfully to keep the nation’s flag waiving all the time.

Peace be upon you…

Jordanian Engineers Association President

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