Instructions of Codes Application

Instructions of Codes Application

At the Design, Implementation, Supervision, Maintenance & Operation Phases and Public Safety Works and all Engineering Works in Relation thereto

Made by the National Construction Council under Clause G of Article 5 of the National Construction Law of Jordan No. 7 of 1993 and Amendments thereto

Article 1:

These instructions shall be cited “Instructions of Codes Application at the Design, Implementation, Supervision, Maintenance & Operation Phases and Public Safety Works and all Engineering Works in Relation thereto of 2004;” and they shall be published in the official gazette and come into force as of 01.01.2005.

Article 2:

The following words and expressions, wherever stated in this Law, shall have the below meanings given to them unless the context implies otherwise:

Law: the National Construction Law of Jordan No. 7 of 1993 and Amendments thereto.

Council: the National Construction Council of Jordan formed under the National Construction Law of Jordan No. 7 of 1993.

Association: Jordanian Engineers Association.

Article 3:

The provisions of these Instructions shall be applicable to the construction works taking place in the Kingdom except for the works carried out, commenced or licensed before they have come into force.

Article 4:

The technical instructions made by the Association and the amendments made thereto or instruction replacing them shall be adopted, and they shall be an integral part of these instructions and they shall be read together, as the “NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION LAW OF JORDAN NO. 19 OF 2003” phrase wherever stated in these Instructions will be replaced by the “National construction Law of Jordan No. 7 of 1993 and the amendments thereto”; and the following shall be added to them:

  1. To the general instructions:

The Owner (Client) or any person he authorizes in writing shall sign the engineering service contracts and shall undertake to not make any amendments to the engineering schemes without referring to the engineering office with full compliance with the codes enacted by the National Construction Council of Jordan and the provisions of the National Construction Law of Jordan No. 7 of 1993 and amendments thereto and the Offices & Engineering Companies Regulation No. 2 of 1985 and amendments thereto.

  1. To the minimum requirements of the construction schemes:

All design entities are required to add the “DESIGN HAS BEEN MADE PURSUANT TO THE APPROVED CODES” phrase below the signature of each specialist in the architectural construction, electricity or mechanics.

  1. To scheme auditing in the Association:

The scheme auditing procedures in the Association shall be as follows:

    • The designing entity provides to the auditing section of the Association with one copy fulfilling all required conditions to be approved and authenticated. In addition, the “DESIGN HAS BEEN MADE PURSUANT TO CODES” phrase is added below the name of each designer as per his specialization. The technical section of the Association conducts the technical auditing of the submitted engineering schemes and make sure of their conformity with the approved codes.
    • Each auditor, as per his specialization, audits his respective schemes, and after the approval of the submitted copy, the required copies of the engineering schemes will be submitted so as to be sealed by a special seal holding the name and specialization of each auditor. They will also be stamped with the “THE SCHEMES CONFORM THE CODES PERTINENT TO THIS SPECIALIZATION” phrase, and the same and all schemes copies will be signed.
    • After all auditors finish and the schemes are sealed by their respective seals, the Association will fix another seal bearing the Association’s name together with “THE SCHEMES CONFORM THE APPROVED CODES” phrase; and the designing entity itself will have the civil, legal and occupational responsibility in the event it makes any modification to the authenticated engineering schemes.
    • No significant modification may be made to the engineering schemes with an effect on the regulations applied in the schemes except in conformity with the necessary technical requirements stated in the National Construction Codes of Jordan. Such modifications shall be approved in accordance with the procedures mentioned above, and the executive schemes shall be subsequently made at the end of the project and in accordance with the amended schemes.
  • To the supervision works:
    • To not commence the implementation of any project by the client before he refers to the supervising entity (the supervising engineering office or the authorized relevant entitles); notifying them in writing of the intent to commence the implementation within no more than two weeks of the time specified for the commencement; and providing the said entity with the name of the contractor with whom the agreement on implementation is made, and a copy of the client’s letter will be kept with the Association.
    • After being notified in writing by the client of the implementation commencement date, the supervising entity shall appoint the resident engineer at the site for the projects whose areas exceed 500 m2; however, if the project area 500 m2 or less, the implementation will be made and monitored by the supervising committee and its technical divisions.
    • If the supervising entity is not notified in writing by the client of the implementation commencement and with no supervision, the client will solely hold the civil and legal responsibility, and the licensing entities shall make sure of following up the same.
  • To the engineering supervision and management:
    • A special office shall be provided at the site to the supervision section and it shall have a closet in which the following files and documents will be kept:
      • A copy of all authenticated schemes together with the construction license.
      • Daily and monthly reports.
      • Periodical meetings.
      • Sheets of visits by the engineering, contracting and supporting office.
      • Laboratory tests.
      • Exchanged correspondences of the resident engineer and contractor.
      • Building (project) elements receipt permissions.
    • If the client fails to comply with the engineering office instructions or violates the relevant laws and regulations, the Association instructions and these instructions, the engineering office shall inform the Association thereof in writing so it notifies the competent licensing entity requesting it to suspend the work in the project until the violation is removed and the situation is corrected.
    • If the engineering office does not inform of any violation and there is a violation, the engineering office shall be subject to all civil, legal and occupational responsibilities as a result of the violation commitments and its consequences for failing to inform thereof.
    • Through its supervision section and as per its abilities, the Association shall make intensive visits to all projects that are under construction to make sure of the compliance with the aforesaid provisions; and it shall have the right to appoint resident engineers for the projects that are under construction at the client’s cost if he fails to do so.
  • To conformity certificate:

The conformity certificate form attached to the Association instructions shall be adopted, provided that the contractor’s registration number at the Jordanian Construction Contractors Association is added thereto.

  1. To the codes application:

All licensing entities must comply with the following:

    • To deal with all the correspondences issued by the Association to the licensing entities as soon as reasonably possible, especially with respect to the implementation works violations and the resident engineer in the cases notified as a lack of compliance by the client with the engineering schemes or implementation with no resident engineer or without informing the supervising office of the implementation.
    • To suspend any license by blueprints, which is the procedures followed by the municipalities now due to conflict with any efforts made to upgrade the engineering work and comply with the provisions of the National Construction Law of Jordan No. 7 of 1993 and amendments thereto; and such municipalities will be held responsible for the same.
    • To not license the establish buildings until the engineering schemes and laboratory tests are provided by competent entities to make sure of their constructive validity and to collect the determined fees.

Article 5:

In licensing the buildings and establishments, the Authorities / Regulatory Entities (licensing entities) comply with the following:

  • No building or establishments may be built until a license is obtained from the competent authority.
  • To license and building, establishment or construction works only under engineering schemes authenticated by the Engineers Association (without prejudice to the designing entity responsibility); bearing the name of the designing engineering office; and fulfilling the technical rules and requirements stated in the approved National Building Codes of Jordan, so as such schemes are issued by an entity legally authorized to design or a an engineering office registered with the Jordanian Engineers Association; signed by the competent designing engineers as per their competencies; and approved by the Jordanian Engineers Association.
  • To make sure the Engineers Association and competent regulatory committees approve the modified engineering schemes before starting to implement such modifications, provided that the modifications consistent to the requirements of the National Building Codes of Jordan.
  • To attach to the license application an authenticated copy of the contractual agreement and supervising contract or to pay a refundable guarantee as may be determined by licensing entity in case there is no contractual agreement and until such contract is available.
  • The client shall submit to the licensing entity an application together with a contractual agreement before the commencement of the project implementation including the excavation works, and the supervising entity shall be notified thereof so the written consent is kept at the project site. The client is prohibited from commencing the implementation before obtaining the license from the competent authorities / regulatory entities.

Article 6:

The regulatory licensing entities / authorities shall follow up:

  • The supervision of the engineering projects to make sure of the attendance of the supervising entity and the contractor registered with the Jordanian Construction Contractors Association, and to make sure of the availability of daily reports and laboratory tests in enforcement of the Jordanian Engineers Association Law, the Jordanian Construction Contractors Association Law and the Offices and Engineering Companies Statute in accordance with the procedures set forth below and the legal actions necessary in this concern.
  • The client or contractor compliance with placing a sign at the project site before the commencement of the implementation bearing the following information:
    • Project name.
    • Project owner’s name.
    • Designing engineering office name.
    • Contractor’s name and registration number.
    • Supervising office name and resident engineer’s name.
    • Licenses number and date.
    • Plot of land number and block number.
    • Work commencement date.
  • The compliance of the supervising office and/or contractor with keeping a copy of the license schemes at the site, daily reports of the work progress and copies of the laboratory tests conducted to the materials used in the work, so the same can be followed up by the Jordanian Engineers Association and/or the licensing entity or any other entity authorized to do so.
  • Upon finding out any violation, the relevant associations (engineers, construction contractors) shall be informed thereof, so they make sure there is a violation and notify the licensing entities.
  • When the licensing entity is informed of a violation of the law, the following information will be inspected:
    • Plot and block number.
    • License number.
    • Violating entity.
    • Violation type.
    • Required procedure.
    • Time necessary for correcting the violation.
  • Within three days of the notification date, the relevant entity or its representative shall make an executive notification to correct the situations within the specified period. After the situations are corrected, the violator shall inform the Association that makes sure of the same and notifies the licensing entity to suspend the procedures.
  • Subject to the procedures stated in Article 38 of Urban, Rural and Building Planning Law No. 79 of 1966 and amendments thereto, the punishments shall be applicable as stated in the National Building Law of Jordan No. 7 of 1993 and amendments thereto and the instructions enacted thereunder.

Article 7:

  • The regulatory committees within Greater Amman Municipality, official and relevant entities and municipalities shall not issue buildings and establishments occupation permissions within the municipal zones and other zones unless their obtainment applications are attached to a consistent certificate issued by the supervising engineering office and approved by the Engineers Association.
  • General Directorate of Civil Defense consent must be obtained before issuing the occupation permission and pursuant to the Building Regulation applicable at Amman Municipality and the other official and relevant entities and municipalities with respect to the engineering projects requiring the obtainment of such consent.
  • If the violations of the given license committed by the engineering offices or contractors are repeated, the Engineers Association and/or Construction Contractors Association shall take the legal actions in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and instructions.

Article 8:

All ministries, government departments, official public institutions, municipalities, public shareholding companies, Jordanian Engineers Association, Jordanian Construction Contractors Association and Offices & Engineering Companies Authority must adhere, in the construction works, to the approved codes in accordance with the Law and these instructions, and to take the actions necessary for this purpose. They shall also adhere to applying the provisions of Article 11 of the National Building Law of Jordan No. 7 of 1993 and amendments thereto.

Article 9:

  • The offices, engineering companies and construction contractors and workers shall adhere to the approved codes in designing, supervising, implementing and maintaining these works. They must inform the relevant association of any violation of its respective rules, if any, and the association shall verify the occurrence of such violation and notify the competent regulatory authorities while complying with the provisions of Article 11 of the National Building Law of Jordan No. 7 of 1993 and amendments thereto.
  • Provisions of Article 13 of the Law shall be applicable to each violator thereof.

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