Health Insurance

Health Insurance

We provide you and your family with an excellent health insurance service within a widely spread medical network inside and outside the hospital. We also provide a number of other programs that include chronic disease insurance, parent insurance, dental insurance and cancer insurance with incentive discounts and a possibility to accept the subscription amount to be paid by installments

Our Vision:

We work on regulating and developing the engineering occupation, and improving the members professionally, educationally, socially and economically.

Our Message:

It is to work on developing and regulating the engineering occupation and building the capacity of the Jordanian engineers in order to effectively participate in the economic development of Jordan. We also work on establishing an environment that motivates the development, creativity and innovation in a way that serves the society and nation providing the best occupational and technical services. We aim at cooperating with the official entities as a consultative board and partnering with them in making the engineering, vocational and industrial education and training programs. Another goal is to upgrade the educational and occupational level of subscribers; to defend their rights and gains; to secure a decent life for them and their families; and to strengthen the cooperation and coordination with the engineering occupational associations at the Arab, Islamic and international levels.

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