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Association Board

About the Board

The Association Board consists of the Association President, Vice President, Offices & Engineering Companies Authority President and a number of members representing the six different disciplines and nominates themselves to the Board pursuant to the provisions of the Law and the Regulations enacted thereunder.

What are the goals and objectives of the Board?

The Association Law and referential regulations work on setting the Association general goals and objectives to be the basis of the Association Board in performing and executing the general policies, as well as considering the Association General Assembly resolutions and tendencies (the General Assembly, Central Body, General Assemblies of Engineering Disciplines, General Assembly of Offices and Engineering Companies, General Assemblies of Branches). The objects are in general as follows:

  1. To regulate the occupation practice in order to upgrade its scientific and professional levels and to utilize it in the economic civil and national mobilization.
  2. To defend the members’ interests and dignities and to maintain the occupation traditions and honor.
  3. To upgrade the engineers’ scientific and professional levels and to activate and support the engineering scientific research.
  4. To contribute to planning the engineering industrial and professional training and education programs.
  5. To develop the occupation and the proficiency of the engineering field professionals.
  6. To contribute to studying the subjects relevant to the common aspect of the Arab, Islamic and other countries, and to share the engineering information, experiences and prints.
  7. To secure a decent life to the engineers and their families in cases of disability, aging and other forcible situations.
  8. To work on anything that would help the Association achieve its occupational goals.
  9. To cooperate and coordinate with the official entities within the Kingdom in its capacity as a consultation body in its specialization field.

What are the Board powers and mission?

The Board performs its work in accordance with the powers given to it by the Association Law and Regulations, as Article 41 of the Law provides for the following:

  1. To admit and register the Jordanian engineers and monitor the oath.
  2. To admit the Arab and foreign engineers and regulate their engineering work.
  3. To open different engineering branches records and add other branches.
  4. To manage the occupation practice by the Jordanian and non-Jordanian consultation offices and to monitor their performances.
  5. To register the Jordanian and non-Jordanian engineering contracting companies.
  6. To supervise the preparation of the concluding account of the ended financial year and to prepare the draft budget of the next year to be presented to the Central Body and General Assembly.
  7. To prepare the Association Bodies and Boards elections at all levels of the Association.
  8. To appoint the Association General Secretary.
  9. To appoint the Association Committees Heads.
  10. To execute the resolutions made by the Association; to sign contracts; to take actions in the name of the Association; and to take the capacity of a plaintiff or complainant in each case in relation to actions harming the Association’s dignity or any member’s dignity (all of this through representing the Association Board by the President).
  11. To hold at least two meetings a month for discussing the Association management.

Association President’s missions and powers:

The President takes on several missions and powers within the Board:

  • To chair the Association Board and run its meetings.
  • To represent the Association before the courts, administrative and non-administrative entities.
  • To represent the Association, execute its resolutions and sign its contracts.
  • To sue in the name of the Association.
  • To sign the deposit, disbursement and other securities together with the Treasurer.
  • To sign correspondences issued by the Association and to have the power to authorize the General Secretary in some of them.
  • To chair the Association ordinary and extraordinary meetings.
  • To sign the Association General Assembly minutes summaries.
  • To preside the Pension Fund Management Committee.
  • To preside the Social Security Fund Management Committee.
  • To attend the meetings of the Committee on Settlement of Objections to the Board Resolutions in managing the Pension Fund.
  • The Association President shall have the right to object to the Office & Engineering Companies Authority Board Elections Law or to any of its procedures.
  • To take disciplinary actions upon a request made by the President and Board resolution.
  • To share the Board powers and obligations with the Association Board members.

The committees and boards of the Association President:

  • Jordanian Engineers Association representative in the Arab Engineers Federation.
  • Head of Pension Fund Management Committee.
  • Higher Planning Board member.
  • National Building Council member.

Vice President’s missions and powers:

  • To take on the President missions and powers in case of his travel.
  • To take on the President missions and powers when he is busy.
  • To head the Employees Committee.
  • To represent the Association in the Boards, Arab Engineers Federation and common Committees with both private and public sectors.
  • To share with the Board all its activities.

General Secretary’s missions and powers:

  • To be a focal point between the Association Board and all Association Bodies.
  • To be a focal point between the Association Board and the employees.
  • To attend the Board meetings; record the meeting minutes; and participate in the Board discussion.
  • To record the Board meeting minutes as a disciplinary board.
  • To regulate the Association administrative and financial matters.
  • To be responsible for the General Assembly minutes and Central Body minutes, and to record the summary of the discussions mad in the ordinary and extraordinary General Assembly and Central Body meetings together with the made resolutions.
  • To represent the Association in the committees, Trade Unions Council, Arab Engineers Federation and various local commissions.
  • To sign the correspondences to which he is authorized by the President.
  • To receive the visitors and to solve their problems and present them to the Board.
  • To make submissions to the Board to appoint employees and specify their salaries.

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