The Jordanian Higher Council for Qualification and Vocational Accreditation

As part of the role of the Jordanian Engineers Association in raising the level of engineers and the engineering profession in the Kingdom and its relentless pursuit to improve and develop the competitiveness of Jordanian engineers at the local, Arab, and regional levels, the Association has established the foundations and instructions for professional qualification and accreditation of engineers to raise their scientific and professional level, relying in this field on the international experience that is based on Examining and evaluating professional practice and granting licenses to engineers based in this field on two elements: the professional development and performance of engineers on the one hand, and a comprehensive evaluation of their professional and scientific expertise on the other hand.

The project aims to implement accreditation instructions for the engineer that keep pace with international standards by obtaining the ranks of the engineers who wish to obtain ranks stipulated in the instructions governing the professional qualification and accreditation project, which adopt four professional ranks: engineer, architect, associate engineer, associate architect, professional engineer, architect Professional, Consultant Engineer, Architectural Consultant.

The evaluation mechanisms for the purposes of granting engineering ranks include the following:

Qualification points

It is represented by the union’s basic work and all professional activities fall under it, the most important of which is organizing the practice of the profession. In this regard, the union has made remarkable progress in applying the system of practicing the profession, which is the result of the certificates, academic qualifications and practical experiences of the engineer. Determine specific weights for each activity according to its importance and role in qualifying engineers


Determine the objective of the basic exam so that it achieves evaluation of the fellow's achievement and educational gains on the one hand, and cognitive, professional, and scientific growth on the other hand, for the purpose of granting professional ranks.

Professional interviews

Ensuring personal capabilities and skills and identifying professional engineering experiences for the purpose of granting professional ranks.

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