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An Overview of the Commission

The Consulting Engineering Services Sector has witnessed a steady growth in the early eighties as an outcome of the economic boom witnessed by the Arab region after the war of 1973.

This situation has resulted in the increase of the number of the consulting engineering offices and the number of its employees significantly, thus led to the need to found a body that would assist the association council so as to organize the practice of the profession in the consulting sector.

As a result, an adjustment has been made to the system of the engineering offices and companies whereby the formation of the Engineering Offices and Companies Commission was carried out and the first board of the Commission was elected in 1989.

The commission encompasses in its membership the engineering offices and companies registered at the association, which are (1045) engineering offices and companies of various categories and ranks at the end of the year 2001; the engineering offices are classified into four categories which are: engineer office category which is classified into three ranks (A, B, C), engineering office category which is classified into two ranks (First and Second), consulting office category and opinion engineer office category.

The commission is administered by a Board which is composed of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and eight members representing the various classifications of the offices, where each category of the offices categories is represented by a number of members in the commission council.

The Board of the commission is elected once every two years by a public body made up of the owners of the engineering offices and companies: each office has a number of votes equal to the number of specializations that these engineering offices and companies are registered under which in the association.

The commission holds and in most cases two meetings per week one of these meetings is allocated to the study of complaints and other different requests and the second meeting is allocated for discussing the policies and technical instructions.
The Functions and powers of the commission:

The main specialty of the commission is in exploring all matters relating to the engineering offices’ work, such as the study of applications for engineering offices registration and the requests for modifying its classification.

The commission issues the technical instructions under which the engineering offices execute their work annually, as well as considering the disputes and complaints that might occur between engineering offices or between the engineering offices and the employers and / or the contractors.

In all cases, the commission submits its recommendations within official minutes of the association council so that the appropriate decision will be taken thereon.

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