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Training Instructions

The association is working through the (Training and Employment Department) which was founded in 1992 as an active link between the various work sectors and the engineers looking for employment, and for that reason the association has entered into contact with many firms locally and regionally in the quest of allocating employment and training for its graduate engineers in various specializations and experiences.

The association does all the above mentioned practices through providing the firms that are seeking to employ engineers with lists of engineers names who are looking for employment or training as well as providing engineers who are seeking employment or training with lists of companies names that are looking for employing and training engineers, the association advertises for these firms on the recruitment sites provided on the association website.

Training programs:

The association trains newly graduated engineers through supporting three training programs, which are:

  1. The association’s main program:

The engineer is being trained through the association in any firm whether a contracting firm, an engineering office, a private corporation or governmental departments and ministries which meet the conditions of the trainer authority – this will be mentioned later on in other related sections on this website - .

    1. Bonus: (190) dinars from the training firm at a minimum rate for all specializations (according to the agreement with the training authority) +50 dinars from the association in which ten Jordanian dinars are monthly deducted for courses.
    2. other instructions:
      • The trainee shall be committed to provide the approved and adopted attendance sheet and a financial receipt stating the amount of the training authority’s contribution at the end of each month with a letter that shows the date of starting the training for the first month and another completion (termination of training) letter for the last month.
      • If a trainee terminates the training course after the completion of three months of its inception, he/she will not have the right to complete the training.
      • While if a trainee terminates the training course before the completion of three months of its inception, he/she shall have the right to complete the training but in another training firm.
  1. The training program with a view to employment in cooperation with the Training and Employment Fund / Ministry of Labor:

In this program the association has gone into agreement partnerships with different training authorities in order to train newly-graduated engineers for the purposes of offering these graduates employment under condition of availability of job vacancies after the completion of the training period successfully, in this period of training the under -training engineer receives an amount of 327.5 dinars, A minimum of 190 JD of which is to be paid by the training authority.

The mechanism of the above two programs (1 and 2) is in common in:

      1. Training period: 6 months (unless the training authority requires otherwise so that the association would bear only 6 months of the training period suggested by the training authority).
      2. Financial allowance: minimum of (190) JD to be provided by the training authority for all specializations.
      3. Features: The trainee is given two training courses in coordination with the Engineers Training center during the training period.

   3. The association’s supporting program in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing:

The engineer is being trained under the supervision of the Ministry of Works in the governmental departments and ministries.

      1. Training period: 12 months.
      2. Financial allowance: (120) dinars paid by the ministry for all specializations; the association would contribute in the financial allowance to be paid annually to the ministry.

Training Conditions:
Conditions pertaining to the engineer:

      1. The engineer’s graduation didn’t pass the period of more than three successive years.
      2. Not to be trained or having been employed previously for a period exceeding three months.

Conditions pertaining to the trainer body:

      1. The Engineering profession is observed and is part of its everyday work.
      2. The training authority has been registered in the association records as well as its founders, the engineers working there and its employees accordingly.
      3. The presence of a registered engineer in the firm’s records and who is to be responsible for training the trainee and in the same specialization.
      4. In the event of having the training authority as a contracting firm, the firm is allowed to train two engineers in the same period of training.
      5. In the event that the training authority was an engineering office, the following requirements are obligatory:
        • - The presence of the specialization of the trainee engineer within the specializations of the engineering office approved by the association.
        • - The engineer is allowed to work within the engineering offices within his/her specialization.
        • - Each engineering office is allowed to train one engineer only in the same period (6 months).
        • - Consulting offices of four specializations are allowed to train two engineers in the same period.

Granting that the training authority has approved the training quest, it shall be committed to the following matters – these are regarded as granted rights of the trainee engineer -:

      1. Granting the engineer a monthly financial allowance of 190 JD provided that the engineer shall submit a financial receipt confirming his / her receipting of the financial allowance by the training authority.
      2. Providing the association with a letter indicating the trainee’s inception of training for the first month showing the colleague’s starting date of training.
      3. Providing the association with the approved and adopted attendance sheet no later than the third day of each calendar day throughout the whole training period.
      4. The training of the engineer in his/her engineering specialization by a supervising engineer who will be responsible for him/her, and providing all possible information and experiences that would raise his/her scientific and practical competence throughout the whole training period.
      5. Providing the association with a preliminary performance assessment feedback after three months and a final performance assessment feedback for the trainee engineer after six months.
      6. Providing employment for the engineer after the end of the training period; a work contract to be submitted as well of not less than one year according to the salary scale issued by the Jordan Engineers Association (training with a view to employment).
      7. As the firm/corporation has willingly chosen the trainee engineer and after conducting an interview with the applicant engineer, the firm shall be obliged to continue his/her training for a period of six months and shall be obliged as well not to dispense him/her before the end of this period and not to refrain from recruiting him/her except under a legal justification according to the effective Jordanian Labour Law and any amendments thereto.
      8. At the completion of the sixth month of training, the training authority shall provide the association with a letter of the engineer training termination, or a letter of appointment if the training authority has decided to appoint the engineer within its cadre (working staff).
      9. A commitment made by the training authority to register the trainee engineer under the umbrella of the social security, unless the law exempts the firm/ corporation from this commitment provided that the engineer shall pay the social security monthly subscription to the minimum wage during the training period.
      10. Facilitating the joining of the engineer in technical reports writing course / communication skills course, in addition to a course in his/her field of specialization in coordination with the Engineers Training Center.
      11. Granting the trainee engineer a vacation of seven days throughout the six months training period.
      12. Granting the trainee engineer a practical experience certificate for his/her period of training.


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