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Procurement & Purchasing

Supplies and purchases Department is a related section of the Administrative Services Department, where this section secures and undertakes all the needs and supplies of the association and its properties as well as examining them, coding them, checking them and computing these entries into the computer system, and also through which communication with sources of purchases supply and receiving of offers under the system of supplies and biddings I sconducted to reach the highest standardized strategy to control the expenditures and to meet the orders.

Conditions of Bids and Tenders

Important Note: These conditions are not to be officially approved without being sealed and signed by the Supplies and Purchasing department.

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General and special conditions of tenders and bids:

  1. The commitment to provide a bank guaranty or a certified check in the name of (Jordan Engineers Association) to enter into the bid (depending on the Tenders Committee decision) and they must be valid for the period of three months.
  2. This guaranty to enter into the bid is not going to be released except after the issuance of the assignment decision or a maximum period of three months.
  3. The assigned firm must be committed to provide a completion performance guaranty for the bid by (10%) of the total value, provided that it shall be in the form of a bank guaranty or a certified check valid until the process completion of the supply and the final technical receipting.
  4. The assigned firm must be committed to pay the fees of the assignments stamps during ten days from its date for fear of having to pay fines according to the Stamp Act No. 20 of 2001 issued by the Ministry of Finance.
  5. The assigned firm must be committed to provide a guaranty of workmanship (in written) for the materials which require that.
  6. The assignment decision is considered effective from the date in which the assigned firm has signed the bid indicating of the final assignment decision, and the supply period is calculated starting from that date.
  7. The full commitment to what is stated in the assignment decision in terms of the specifications, requirements, quantities and prices and what is stated in the bid invitation and the given offer, and the commitment to supplying the required materials identical to the samples (if any) which are approved and submitted by the assigned party, bearing in mind that the assignment decision, conditions and agreements are all an integral part and cannot be divided.
  8. The commitment to the specified period of supply according to what is shown in the assignment decision, and in case of non-compliance, a fine of (0.002) is calculated for each day of delay, up to a maximum rate of (10%) of the contract monetary value.
  9. In the event of default by the assigned firm or non-fulfillment of its obligations under this decision, the bids committee is entitled to confiscate the performance guaranty in whole or in part and hence purchasing at the assigned firm’s expense and it will bear the prices differences, in addition to a rate of (5%) of that difference in the form of administrative expense without prior warning.
  10. The association’s Secretary-General and upon the recommendation of the secretary may postpone the date of offers acceptance if there were convincing reasons taking into consideration that advertising in the newspapers and sending the postponement notices to the subscribers must be done.
  11. The assignment is given to the owner of the best offer in terms of prices, required quality, financial, commercial and technical ability, and period of supply and implementation, and the association is not obliged to assign by lower prices if such an assignment is disproportionate to the benefit of the association for reasons estimated by the council in terms of the quality of the materials or the lack of financial and commercial capacity.
  12. The association has the right to cancel the bid and re-submit it again if it finds that the prices of the received offers are high or for other reasons which the association deems necessary.
  13. The offers which are incomplete of conditions or which are received late regarding the deadline of reception of offers are not going to be considered.
  14. The association is entitled to fractionate the bid and assign it to more than one firm as it deems appropriate and for the association’s interest.
  15. The commitment to providing a maintenance guaranty for the materials which need maintenance throughout the guaranty period.
  16. The firms shall read these conditions, seal them, sign them and attach them with the given price as a proof that they have read the conditions and have approved what was stated in them.
  17. The firm is not entitled to know the numbers and names of the participating firms who have bought copies of the bid unless upon opening the offers, and the names and prices of the participants will be announced and placed in the announcement bulletin board in the Supplies and Services Department.
  18. The deadline for accepting the offers is at 00.00 of ___ day ___ corresponding to / / 2014.
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